Who Else Makes Art?

Art creates change in another. Art is a gift that you make to others. It’s the ability to make people think about how things are and how they should be.

Of course, you know what art is:

You know it through paintings, music, poetry, photography, or even data visualisation.

But art can be invisible too. You don’t need to touch millions of people to feel like an artist. It happens when you go a step further and make a gift that wasn’t expected.

Art Inspires Others

Having this in mind, I couldn’t be more grateful to know that two years ago I encouraged a friend, Neha Georgie, to start a blog about her area of expertise—competition law and economics—and since then she has published a new article every month. Last week, the same friend made me proud again; she loves calligraphy and started sharing her craft publicly. [1]


Another friend, Patricia de Lara, enjoys coaching people. She joined BoostCompanies as I encouraged her to start a bimonthly newsletter with the goal of inspiring high-achievers—it might be you—to encourage them to think differently about their career, leadership style, and personal development.

I’m also grateful that many of you have been inspired by the words I publish every week on BoostCompanies and by the books that sit on my reading list.

Not long ago, my dear friend Oskar Zieba jumped on the idea of sharing to the world what motivates him. His personal discipline is truly inspiring, as well as reading his work.

Art Inspires Art

Once you start creating new things and showing up with consistency, you always want to do more. It starts with making a small gift. You realise you enjoyed it. And then, it becomes part of your life.

Be artful and make selfless gifts. You’ll see; you’ll make a difference. 😉


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Notes about Who Else Makes Art

[1] This would not have happened without me being inspired by the challenge of Conor McGlauflin and his wife to create together and share one pattern every day on Instagram.