Start Your Blog in Less than 30 Minutes

I recently convinced some of my good friends to start a blog. Since I read a lot of blogs and books about blogging, I decided to share with you—and them—the good resources I am frequently using.

There are a lot on the Internet about how to start a blog. Following our approach of fast-learning, this article aims at teaching you, in less than 30 minutes, the most important things you must know before starting your blog.

Start a Blog

Is it Still Possible to Start an Interesting Blog?

Google gives us access to plenty of information. Is it still possible write something new and interesting as a blogger? Yes! We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge. If you are passionate about a topic and you believe that you can teach it or write useful pieces of knowledge, you can become a successful blogger.

Even if you are not an expert on a topic, you can still write for hobbyists. They are numerous and can become passionate about your writing.

Learn How to Blog in Less Than 30 minutes

There is a lot of information on the Internet. You will find here everything you need. I struggled for you in the Internet jungle and I selected high-quality and concise articles that will teach you how to blog in less than 30 minutes.

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Learn How to Blog

1. The Journey Starts Here

Follow the guide and find answers to your questions:

1. What Can I Write on my Blog?

2. Why and How Should I Start Blogging?

3. How do I Set Up My Blog?

4. Create a blog with or PlanetHoster.

5. Use Evernote to write down your thoughts.

6. If you like books, read Blog, Inc..

2. Stay Motivated: Carrot and Stick

You decided to start your blog. So exciting! Now, you need to write regularly. Indeed, your readers are becoming eager about your writing.

1. Set up goals and rewards: champagne when you reach 100 weekly readers…

2. Know that you are not alone: Track your readers with Google Analytics or NewStatPress—if you use WordPress.

3. Get in touch with other bloggers.

4. Develop your expertise outside the blogosphere: organize meetups, interview experts, start a podcast, become speaker at conferences.

5. If you want to be serious, set up a stick on stickk.

Take Away

How to Start Blogging: Read the listed resources. Find an eager audience. Write, write, and keep writing.

Secrets of blogging

More about How to Start a Blog

  1. A Good User Interface Guide: It helps you to pick the right theme for your blog.
  2. Be One of the Top 5% Bloggers: Good advice to improve your blog articles.
  3. Write Good Headlines: How to attract more interested readers.
  4. Know your Target: It is important to know who are your readers.