Scenario Building, Contingency Planning, & The Industries of The Future

My boss says he somehow always gets into the worst, most unimaginable scenarios, so: “We not only have Plan A and Plan B, but up through Plan E.”

Today we’re featuring The Industries of the Futurescenario building, and contingency planning.

A Business Book or a Crystal Ball?

BoostCompanies May Book Feature

Here’s Guerric’s second contribution to Above the Trend. The book he selected for you is about looking above the trend:

“Business books are about theory. This one is about the future.

Recent innovations – robotics, genomics, cyber attacks, big data – are making the future unfairly distributed and hard to predict.

Nothing good happens when chaos drives your decisions.

It’s time to get a 10,000 foot view of the world to orient yourself and your business strategy.

Your competitors react every time something changes; adopt a long-term and consistent focus. You’ll make a great difference.

The Industries of the Future is a good start to get a grasp on what the future of technology holds for us.”

Click here to get The Industries of the Future by Alec Ross.

Ready Yourself to Face a Variety of Cases with Realistic Scenario Building

scenario building
scenario building

* The second image reminds me of optic nerves that signal myopia, which we guard against with scenario building! *

Avoid Disaster through Contingency Planning

“People are often poorly motivated to develop a strong ‘Plan B’, because they have so much of an emotional investment in the ‘Plan A’ that they want to deliver. Stress that Plan B needs to be properly thought-through.

There’s often a low probability of a crisis occurring, so people often don’t see contingency planning as an urgent activity. Unfortunately, this can mean that it gets stuck at the bottom of their To Do Lists as a task that never gets done.

Contingency planning requires an investment of time and resources, but if you fail to do it – or if you do it poorly – the costs could be significant if a disaster happens.”

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