When Marketers Are DJs: The Power of Empathy

There are three types of DJs.

(1) Those who play what they like without considering how others feel.

(2) Those who try to play what they think the people in the club want to hear.

(3) Those who know their audience and focus on playing what these people want to hear when they dance.

If you look at the dance floor, you’ll figure out what type of DJ is performing.

This is the result of empathy…

Empathy means connecting with people. It’s your ability to understand what causes them to do what they do. Can you understand why one song makes them dance and why another one might be as good?

The marketers who get the best results are those who care, the ones who truly understand and relate to their customers.


Notes about Empathy and Marketing

Here’s a good definition from the d.school at Stanford:

What is empathizing?
Empathy is the foundation of a human-centered design process. To empathize, you:
– Observe. View users and their behavior in the context of their lives.
– Engage. Interact with and interview users through both scheduled and short ‘intercept’ encounters.
– Immerse. Experience what your user experiences.