Inevitable: Technology’s Continued Rapid Evolution

We all know that technology continues to evolve rapidly.

It’s inevitable.

How to know when to upgrade?




With more and more technology becoming essential parts of everyday life, it is important to adopt a long-term strategy for our technological investments.

Make your decisions based on:

  1. How much time you use a device
  2. How much time and money you will save with the new technology or upgrade
  3. If a task or process can be improved by simply changing one part, or if it necessary to replace everything
  4. If it is best to upgrade at once or in increments.

Don’t waste thousands of dollars swept away by the latest crazes. Do your research, and choose your products with purpose. And remember: Even without gadgets, we can and have been productive and successful people.

Draw Your Picture of the Inevitable Future: September Book Feature

Decision-makers complain about the burden of uncertainty. What is relevant today might become irrelevant tomorrow.

Technologist Kevin Kelly offers a solution: trying to predict what is going to happen.

Doing so is not that difficult once you’ve read Kelly’s The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces That Will Shape Our Future.

He wants to reassure you about what the future of technology holds for us. “Much of what will happen in the next thirty years is inevitable.”

This book explores twelve inevitable trends.

Becoming is one of them:

As the rate of upgrade is accelerating, we constantly need to learn how to use new tools and new features. This state of becoming turns us into permanent newbies. As soon as we master a tool, there’s an upgrade available that changes how it works, or there’s a new tool to replace it.

So what does this process of constant learning mean for your business?

Understanding the trends that will shape the next 50 years will help you make more strategic business decisions. As Kelly told Guerric in a podcast interview, “I want the readers to close the book and feel as if they don’t need to be afraid of the future.”

Determine Whether or Not Getting New Technology Is Actually the Priority Solution – Wholly, Partially, or Maybe Not Even At All

“Though computers still get much better every couple of years, they are built on mature technologies. A standard computer is good enough for most people and has been for quite some time. You’d be hard pressed to find someone who has their work hampered first and foremost by the speed at which their machine runs, rather than the number of Facebook and YouTube procrastination sessions they engage in.”

– Brian Lam, Wirecutter CEO.

Understand the How & Why of Technology to Allow It to Serve You and Your Company in the Optimum Way

“Newbie is not a permanent label nor should it be (nor should one use that as a perpetual excuse). Part of participating in technology is understanding that you will always be learning new the fact the online world is constantly evolving. That means you don’t remain stagnant and that you need to learn the basics of ‘how and why’ to using technology properly.”

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