Fundraising: Get Over Your Ego and Fears. This Is Not About You.


This Above The Trend about fundraising is inspired by Guerric’s time volunteering for the Acumen Fund in London, learning about impact strategy. As support for your fundraising communication, I am also pleased to include Monroe’s Motivated Sequence here, which I discovered preparing for the persuasive speech module of the Public Speaking course I first taught in Bratislava.

Ever since I was a child, going door-to-door to strangers’ homes, I enjoyed fundraising, because I liked getting money to the right places. I highly valued my education, so I had no problem finding more ways to support my school. Today we’d like you to embrace the same mindset. Pour your energy into what matters to you, and have fun. Make a positive impact, and bring wealth where it is needed.

If you find fundraising unpleasant, perhaps you need to find a different cause.

Share Your Vision, and Wield the Power of Making Things Happen

“People think that asking for money is all about asking for money. It is and it isn’t. Most of the time it is about inspiring someone to see the world the way you do – with the same understanding of the problems and the same vision of how it can be overcome – and convincing them that you and your organization can actually make that vision into a reality. The resources come second.”

– Sasha Dichter, Acumen Fund, Chief Innovation Officer.

Remember Monroe’s Simple Motivated Sequence

Get attention.
Establish the need.
Satisfy the need.
Visualize the future.

– Alan H. Monroe, Purdue University Professor.

Focus on the Change You Are Making Together with Others, Not on Your Ego or Fear of Rejection

It’s not about you.

Fundraising shouldn’t be about you person­ally, or even your institution. It should be about what your organization can do in the world, in partnership with a donor.”

– Howard Stevenson, Harvard Business School Senior Associate Dean.

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