FinTech Revolution – Weekend Reads

1. How investment banks are targeting fintech talent by Paul Clarke

“Investment banks are looking to bring tech talent into the fold either via the back door.”

2. What are ETFs? — Exchange-traded funds: Too much of a good thing by The Economist

“ETFs have been around since 1990, when the first fund was launched in Canada. The original idea was to create portfolios of shares replicating a stockmarket index, such as the S&P 500.”


3. Why It’s Morning in Venture Capital? by Mark Suster

“Digital users, time spent online, mobile and social offer amazing opportunity set for VC for 2010-2020. But the industry has clearly changed.”

4. Small Cap Stock Investing by How The Market Works

“Growth becomes more difficult as the company grows beyond a certain point, but the rewards for finding the right company in the early growth stage can lead to the type of returns every investor dreams of.”

5. FinTech Revolution: How Startups Are Changing Finance by Guerric de Ternay

“FinTech companies are tech companies that are disrupting the financial industry both in B to C and B to B.”


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