10 Laws of Investor Pitch: Boost Your Chance to Raise Money from Early Stage Investors

Pitching investors is one of the most challenging things in being an entrepreneur.

Actually, it’s not…

You might think it is, if (1) your company is not prepared to raise money or (2) you are not prepared enough to pitch investors.

Let’s focus on #2, the investor pitch. [1]

Here’s a good news: You don’t need to be an amazing public speaker to impress investors. If you follow the advice from this article, you’ll get a real advantage.

But… you also need to practice as much as you can. Knowing is nice. Taking action is what makes a difference.

13+ Examples of the Best B2B Content Marketing in Venture Capital

Venture Capital & Content Marketing

Content marketing is the trendiest digital marketing technique.

And venture capital gives great examples of B2B content marketing. Think about the reputation that venture capitalists have built. Both investment funds (the limited partners that invest in VC funds) and startups really trust VCs.


This is what you’re going to find out in today’s article.

As an entrepreneur, you’ll get new ideas for your own marketing strategy. As an investor, you’ll get a glance at what your competitors are doing.

Bonus: Download a free PDF with 6 content marketing best practices.

Social Impact Strategy: How Do You Define Success?

Impact investors do the same job than venture capital and value investors.

They allocate resources by investing in promising ventures.

But there’s a difference in how they define success:

Impact investors look beyond financial metrics to find out whether they made the right investment decisions.

Acumen, a non-profit venture fund, has a precise definition for success—it measures social impact according to three dimensions:

  • Breadth: number of lives reached;
  • Depth: improvement in household well-being;
  • Poverty Focus: number of customers living with $2.50–4.00/day.

3 Things Great Entrepreneurs Do When Pitching Investors

What do startup founders have in common when they pitch investors?

When you listen to high-standard presentations, you notice three elements that make a good investor pitch.

Let me share them with you.

These three elements of a great pitch will help you to improve your ability to pitch your ideas. We focus on how to pitch assuming that you already have a clear idea, a great team, and a strong market opportunity.


1. Adopt the Right Structure for Your Investor Pitch

Having a structure is fundamental to help your audience understand why they should listen to you and what your idea is about.

Your Secret Weapon to Raise Capital for Your Startup

How to raise money for your startup is a challenge that most founders have to deal with—from Dropbox’s Drew Houston to Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Raising money is like sales. It’s a tough job. It requires patience, strategy, not being afraid of rejection, and… a good book that tells you everything you need to know about the process of getting funding for a startup.

Here’s the book: The Fundraising Field Guide by Carlos Espinal.


Fundraising Field Guide: A Startup Founder's Handbook for Venture Capital

The Fundraising Field Guide (Available for free on a donation model)

Why Getting a Job in Venture Capital?

My experiences with the startup ecosystem and my curiosity led me to think about working in a venture capital firm. And I asked myself: Why would someone like working as a venture capitalist (VC)? Asking “why” is always a good way to highlight one’s goals.

Let see what seems to be a good reason for being a VC.

What does motivate VCs?

The venture capital industry boomed during the Dot-com bubble. Everyone wanted to be financially involved in the Internet. And the apparent easiest way to get rich was to invest early in all the [NAME].com. Thanks to highly profitable IPOs, VCs got high returns on their investments. You can easily imagine how appealing was this job.

Invest like a VC: Invest Early and Take Measured Risk

Investing requires to buy cheap

And buying cheap requires to take risk. It is tempting to buy when markets are high and investors are eager about some new trends. Yet significant profits are only made at the beginning of a new trend. Stocks and companies are cheap because people are fearful.

The best time to buy is when the trend has just changed. You have to take risk and buy when nobody wants. This investment principle seems counterintuitive. Yet, if nobody wants to invest, deals are cheap. The price is not the only criteria, but when you buy at a low price, you are more likely to make significant returns.

What’s the Best Path for Raising Capital for Companies as a Job?

Many people are interested in working in private equity.

The reason?

They’re interested in the strategic aspect as well as the idea to allocate capital to innovative, growing companies or to businesses that can be turned around.

Finance can encourage disruptive innovation. If your job is to raise capital for innovative projects, you are part of what is required to do innovate at scale.

It is a tough job, which can have amazing impacts on people lives.

What Should You Do If You Want to Raise Money as a Part of Your Job?

The path that leads you to raising money as a job is not clear.