Writing Reports as Easily as a Digital Genius With Markdown

We all write reports, presentations, etc. … and all have our moments of despair in front of the time-consuming and often complex word processor.

The asset management industry is particularly prolix and tears its hair everyday in this situation.

In all industries, managers and executives suffer daily, especially when they get a writing assignment they cannot delegate!

But good news!

There is a handy tool to simplify the creation of a professional article!

Back to the Essence of Writing

This tool was created by developers who can devote even less time to writing than a CEO. I use this very interesting tool that brings us to the essence of the text input : the markdown.

How to Thrive in the Era of Hypercompetition

What are you doing to outperform your competitors?


Competitive advantages emerge from what you focus on.

Focus is your commitment to reaching a goal in a certain way. (E.g. what you choose to do in order to create a brand that makes the best T-shirts that men can wear at the office).

And this is only by investing your resources—time, effort, and money—on a specific set of actions that you can create competitive advantages along the way.

It is true for people and for businesses.

Are You Still Looking For Your Dream Job?


The types of jobs we do are defined by our ability to create value for others.

What we do for a living depends on what other people want.

If there’s an audience for watching video game championships, there’s room for being a video game commentator. [1]

A dream job is only inspiring to the extent it’s something you like, something you can become really good at, and something that provides people with what they want (so much that they are willing to pay you to do it). [2]