Convince Your Boss: 11 Tips to Make Them Say “Yes!”

Convince your bossImplementing new ideas in an organisation is challenging for many reasons.

From internal politics to bureaucracy to lack of time, there are many obstacles to face…

Yet, every company needs leaders like you to make sure the organisation constantly evolves and continues to innovate.

Here are my 11 most effective tips to persuade your boss.

People who’ve used these tips got their boss to implement new ideas, to buy new ideas, and to get more flexible work schedules.

Warning: you are NOT going to find anything about being a bootlicker (dull) or working hard (boring) here.

“Productivity” Is Not the Answer You’re Looking for

It’s virtually possible to track every minute of your work life. And therefore, you can identify precisely what you should focus on to improve your productivity.

But is it necessary?

Productivity has been known as the rate at which a factory produces good. Applied to your job, productivity is the rate at which you get things done.

Getting things done is part of anyone’s job. But productivity should not be the way of measuring your performance. Do you judge your team’s work based on how tired they are or how great the result is?

Efficient or effective?

How to Get Your Dream Job After an MBA or MSc

From day 1 at business school, you’re already thinking about the future.

You’ve not even settled down, and you’re already looking forward to getting a dream job in a kick-ass company.

Let’s see how you can get this done, the right way.

What the Hell Is Happening to the Job Market?

As a business school student, you’re ambitious and have high expectations for yourself. Right? So you want to prove that you can get the job you want.

Here’s the thing:

The job market is saturated and the process of finding a job has become chaotic.

A Better Future: How Many Walls Are Going to Fall in the Coming Years?

Great ideas are transformative.

They break Walls.

Like the Berlin Wall, intellectual and technological Walls are barriers to innovation.

These Walls are the status quo that lies between us and a better future.

The Walls are the people who don’t want change to happen. They’re the technical debts that slow down the process. They’re the worldview that’s against novelty. They’re the tech and scientific challenges that impede progress. They’re the lack of imagination that prevents you from seeing opportunities. They’re the anxiety that stops you from working on what matter. They’re the biases that make us think wrong.

Who Else Makes Art?

Art creates change in another. Art is a gift that you make to others. It’s the ability to make people think about how things are and how they should be.

Of course, you know what art is:

You know it through paintings, music, poetry, photography, or even data visualisation.

But art can be invisible too. You don’t need to touch millions of people to feel like an artist. It happens when you go a step further and make a gift that wasn’t expected.