Worldview: The Starting Point of a Successful Marketing Strategy

The most successful marketing strategies do one thing well:

They leverage existing worldviews.

Worldviews are the biases, the beliefs, and the assumptions we make about the world. They’re rooted in the experiences we’ve had in life. And these shape how we see and interact with what’s happening around us.

They’re a major indicator of how we make buying decisions.

How Smart Marketers Make the Most out of Worldview Marketing

What do your customers believe is true? What do they value? What are they concerned about? How does your market perceive the world today?

3 Jobs-to-be-Done Examples to Help You Innovate with Less Risk

The jobs-to-be-done framework will help you create new products that people really want.

It’s a tool that helps you understand what causes people to buy particular products.

What Does “Jobs to Be Done” Mean?

Here’s the best definition of a job to be done :

A job is the progress a customer seeks in a particular context.

Another way to think about jobs to be done is to see them as the problems customers are trying to solve in very specific circumstances.

Christensen explained the reasoning in an article called Marketing Malpractice:

Disruption in the Robot Industry: How Innovation Changes an Industry

Imagine industrial robots in an automotive assembly line. Everything is smooth, fast, and efficient…

Think about Tesla’s Factory, for example.

Industrial robots in Tesla factory

What you now have in mind does not happen in most small and medium manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs don’t compete with the same weapons.

Larger firms benefit from economies of scale and can afford different weapons. I like to describe the situation as bow and arrow vs. rifles and full-metal jacket bullets.

Robotic arms are paradoxically too sophisticated compared to what most SMEs need. As greater performance means higher price, SMEs cannot afford these robots.