What Is the Most Efficient Way to Finish a Book You Started?

If you like reading, you might have this question in mind too:

“I keep buying books on my Kindle that I start and leave for another book. I have about 30 partially finished books. What is the most efficient way for me to finish the ones I start?”

This is a question someone recently asked me.

I confess that I had a similar problem—probably like everyone who is eager to learn.

I used to keep adding non-fiction books to my Kindle before finishing the ones I had already started. And that made me feel guilty.

Commitment Above The Trend: Yes or No?

Actually, your No to some things frees your Yes to others.

Why waste your precious time spread thin, procrastinating, and fearing commitment?

“It’s not because it’s easy to set up that it’s worth doing it. … Don’t do it just because you’ve seen other brands doing it.” (Guerric)

When you make your choice, make sure it’s yours, and embrace it.

What are your goals? What does your company need? What do your customers need? No, not anyone else: what do you want?

No one else can answer this for you. If you think so, you’re fooling yourself, and you’ll be living someone else’s life.

Scenario Building, Contingency Planning, & The Industries of The Future

My boss says he somehow always gets into the worst, most unimaginable scenarios, so: “We not only have Plan A and Plan B, but up through Plan E.”

Today we’re featuring The Industries of the Futurescenario building, and contingency planning.

A Business Book or a Crystal Ball?

BoostCompanies May Book Feature

Here’s Guerric’s second contribution to Above the Trend. The book he selected for you is about looking above the trend:

“Business books are about theory. This one is about the future.

Recent innovations – robotics, genomics, cyber attacks, big data – are making the future unfairly distributed and hard to predict.

Best Books for Entrepreneurs: More Than What You’d Learn Doing an MBA

Gathering the best books for entrepreneurs and other great resources wasn’t an easy job.

You will agree with me that there are so many books about entrepreneurship out there.

Narrowing down the available resources to such a simple list is the result of hours of work and discussions with accomplished entrepreneurs.

My goal is to help you jump into an entrepreneurial career as fast as possible.

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Successful entrepreneurs, including Steve Jobs, read a lot of business books

Successful entrepreneurs, including Steve Jobs, read a lot of business books

3 Books To Set Yourself Up for Success in 2016

2016 is knocking at our door. This also means that you are going to work on your New Year’s resolutions.

You know that coming up with New Year’s resolutions is easy. I bet there are tons of things you’d like to improve in your life.

That said. Once you have to take actions, things get more difficult.

Implementing new resolutions in your daily routine feels hard? Same for me.

Wait a minute. I have a solution for you. Three books that will help you set yourself up for success in 2016.

Leadership is About Creating Change You Believe In

Do you dream of being a leader? Many of us want to be leaders and make a real impact. But there is one major obstacle: fear.

We are afraid of failure, doing things differently, and what others can think about us. Leadership requires taking risks. That scares us.

Tribes - Seth Godin

Tribes: We Need You to Lead Us

Tribes encourages us to go beyond our fear. The book explains how some leaders were creative and took advantage of new digital tools in order to make a real difference.

Top Recommended Business Books for Young Leaders (Reading List)


As you might know, I read a lot of business books. My friends often ask me: “How do you find time to read so many business books?”. Short answer: I avoid spending time watching TV shows and hanging around on social media.

Beyond learning a lot, the good thing, when you read many business books, is that you get the big picture of what business authors think. You get to know some of the masterpieces that have influenced generations of businessmen, as well as new business books that are about to develop the business trends of tomorrow.

The Top Marketing Books That You Can Read 4 Times (or More)

When in doubt, pick the right book. Below is a list of marketing books I will never stop reading. Besides being great marketing books, these are some of the favorite tools for the product marketing blacksmith than I am.

Bear in mind, that such a short list is the result of hours spent reading numerous books. My goal is to save you this time. Life is too short to read bad marketing books. ;)

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Your Secret Weapon to Raise Capital for Your Startup

How to raise money for your startup is a challenge that most founders have to deal with—from Dropbox’s Drew Houston to Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin.

Raising money is like sales. It’s a tough job. It requires patience, strategy, not being afraid of rejection, and… a good book that tells you everything you need to know about the process of getting funding for a startup.

Here’s the book: The Fundraising Field Guide by Carlos Espinal.


Fundraising Field Guide: A Startup Founder's Handbook for Venture Capital

The Fundraising Field Guide (Available for free on a donation model)

How Science Helps You Acquire New Customers

The sun is shining everywhere—except in the UK. As you sit in front of your desk or lay on the beach, things are slower than usual. This is the right time to get fit—mentally fit.

If you are a sophisticated marketer, an in-fashion growth hacker, or a product champion, you cannot ignore the booming interest in neuromarketing.

I am talking about real science with fMRI and statistically significant results.

Analytics tell you about what your customers are doing. Your hands are full of data. Now you need inspiration.

What can you do to leverage your precious data?