23 Creativity Killers That Will Drown Any Brainstorming Session

Creativity Killers to Avoid in a Brainstorming Session

  1. You’re not deferring judgment. Bad ideas are judged too soon, sometimes even before being shared.
  2. You don’t go for quantity and focus too much on quality.
  3. Wild ideas are not encouraged. You don’t go beyond what’s realistic.
  4. Someone keeps focusing on one idea because she already decided that it was the best one.
  5. You don’t build on each others’ ideas.
  6. Someone who wants to keep ownership of her ideas.
  7. There’s a feeling that sharing a bad idea makes you look dumb.
  8. The team didn’t prepare anything for the brainstorming session.

What Losing Weight and Building Muscle Tell Us about How We Think?

A question has been stuck in my mind for a while:

There’s a massive gap between what we hope and what really happens. [1]

This diet, this intensive training… Why are they so difficult to follow?

Let’s find out:

Want to lose weight?

Losing weight is easy. Really easy.

You don’t believe me?

Here’s a simple plan. You just need to remember these three things:

1. Eat less. Consume fewer calories.

On average, less than 2,000 kcal/day should be your target. If you don’t want to count, just stop eating while you’re still hungry.

Why Are We Crazily Putting the Little Things As Our Priority?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on the little things before answering the big questions.

Here’s why:

It’s a correlation/causation problem

In any success story, the little things appear more obvious than the big decisions made along the way. This makes you believe that the little things were the reasons behind the success.

Apple’s and Tesla’s logos are not the reason behind their huge successes. It contributed to it, but they had to solve bigger problems in priorities. [1]

“I’ve never seen a mediocre project succeed because it had a good logo…”

Brainstorming Is An Idea Killer (And 3 Creativity Techniques to Guide Innovation in Your Team)



Creativity is key in established businesses as well as startups.

The former needs to find new areas of growth while leveraging and fighting against its structural inertia, whilst the latter must deal with initial fragility.

Problem: many idea killers prevent innovation from happening.

In many cases, brainstorming is one of these idea killers.

Let’s see why.

Creating and implementing new ideas are essential, core competencies in today’s business world. As Rita Gunther McGrath explains in her book The End of Competitive Advantage: