Customer Choice and Experience Compete against Luck

Focus on customer choice and experience to uncover great ways to innovate.

Without a doubt, putting yourself in someone else’s shoes will improve your listening, communication, and understanding. It will facilitate your problem-solving and success – at work and beyond.

Employ Empathic Discovery

“Most of what companies know about their customers tends to be descriptive and data driven:  who they are, where they live, what they’ve purchased, how long they’ve been a customer, etc… There may be a segmentation analysis that groups customers by attitudes, etc… However, in most cases, there is no rigorous framework for personifying customers in a way that builds empathic understanding.  This includes structured ways to answer:  who are these people, what are the situations they’re in, what’s important to them and what are they trying to accomplish, how do they evaluate alternatives and make choices, what do they do outside of the limited set of contacts with our business, and what emotional states influence behavior?”

Fundraising: Get Over Your Ego and Fears. This Is Not About You.


This Above The Trend about fundraising is inspired by Guerric’s time volunteering for the Acumen Fund in London, learning about impact strategy. As support for your fundraising communication, I am also pleased to include Monroe’s Motivated Sequence here, which I discovered preparing for the persuasive speech module of the Public Speaking course I first taught in Bratislava.

Ever since I was a child, going door-to-door to strangers’ homes, I enjoyed fundraising, because I liked getting money to the right places. I highly valued my education, so I had no problem finding more ways to support my school. Today we’d like you to embrace the same mindset. Pour your energy into what matters to you, and have fun. Make a positive impact, and bring wealth where it is needed.

Design Thinking: The Best Designers Happily Use Their Products


“Those who design the product are not the consumers who use them,” a seasoned lab technician justly complained to me, showing me countless examples of poor design, on one of my current Alcimed missions with an objective to reverse this problem.

The best designers engage with their end-users and happily use their own products.

Engage and empathize with others, who face the problem, as well as those who have overcome them.

Once again, we can apply these lessons to our entire lives, as Guerric describes at the end of today’s post, inspired by Designing Your Life.

Data Analysis: Do They Even Know What They’re Talking About?


Being ‘Data-Driven’ Isn’t Compatible with Being Innovative gave me fuel for this post, written for you.

Here are some good reminders about data sets, analysis, and application. Consider them when being “data-driven”. Keep it in mind when listening to others claiming to be “data-driven”. And apply it to your critical thinking and general life decision-making!

Know What You’re Getting Into, and Stick to Your Objective

“Maximizing big data’s strengths starts with recognizing its limitations. This begins with understanding what information is being gathered. Is it complete? Can it be analyzed? Is it representative? And – most importantly – is it actionable?”

Inevitable: Technology’s Continued Rapid Evolution

We all know that technology continues to evolve rapidly.

It’s inevitable.

How to know when to upgrade?




With more and more technology becoming essential parts of everyday life, it is important to adopt a long-term strategy for our technological investments.

Make your decisions based on:

  1. How much time you use a device
  2. How much time and money you will save with the new technology or upgrade
  3. If a task or process can be improved by simply changing one part, or if it necessary to replace everything

Entrepreneurial Excellence: Minimize Your Regrets

We All Possess Entrepreneurial Characteristics

But there are distinct qualities the best entrepreneurs have. Still, everyone can and should nurture and practice these qualities in academic life or in the corporate world. This can even be done simultaneously with our entrepreneurial endeavors!

  • Entrepreneurs are leaders, who intelligently delegate to optimize time and skill.

Company Culture: Would You or Your Employees Go Elsewhere Given the Chance?

Today let’s reflect on powerful brand creation through company culture

Never underestimate or downplay the value of company culture: its stake in employee attitude – informing client relations, sustainability, and your overall success or failure in coherent storytelling to the world.


Communicate Company Culture Deliberately, Clearly, Consistently

“[C]ulture guides discretionary behavior and it picks up where the employee handbook leaves off. Culture tells us how to respond to an unprecedented service request. It tells us whether to risk telling our bosses about our new ideas, and whether to surface or hide problems. Employees make hundreds of decisions on their own every day, and culture is our guide. Culture tells us what to do when the CEO isn’t in the room, which is of course most of the time.”

Yoselin Says: “You Really Need To Read This!”

Can you believe we’re already completing the second Above The Trend volume?

We’re thrilled now to have 807 global subscribers, to be launching our coaching program, and to have Yoselin, our summer intern, on the BoostCompanies team.

Let’s welcome Yoselin to BoostCompanies and enjoy my two favorite quotes from ATT Volume 2.

Welcome Yoselin

At our first meeting, Yoselin said she had read every BoostCompanies article and that each one needed a header: “You really need to read this!”

Vocalization + Accountability = ?


Why waste thousands of dollars setting the wrong goals for you and your company?

Today we’re redefining vocalization and accountability by singing the power of a true coach, who challenges you to grow, without narrow-minded approaches, or concentration on tactics without strategy.

You’re in for a wild treat with Guerric’s book recommendation and a special voice lesson. This post will be music to your ears.

It’s Not How Good You Are, It’s How Good You Want To Be

BoostCompanies July Book Feature

Advertising guru Paul Arden wrote a short book about a life-long pursuit: Defining who you really want to be.

Creativity Never Missed: What Are You Waiting For?

BoostCompanies is about creativity never missed.

When it comes to creativity, let yourself go.

Take risks. Don’t calculate each step. Don’t compare.

Write it out in complete sentences. In pages. Sketch it. Pick up the paintbrush. Start designing. Build a model. Test it out. Envision what it will look like after a year of hard work. Without restraint, dream of what it will be after 20.

Say it out loud. Tell the story to your friend. Find your voice. Your originality. Tell your story. Not someone else’s.

You’ll never know what you have missed.

Change the scenery. Work outside. Take a break. Travel. Be inspired by nature.