How Science Helps You Acquire New Customers

The sun is shining everywhere—except in the UK. As you sit in front of your desk or lay on the beach, things are slower than usual. This is the right time to get fit—mentally fit.

If you are a sophisticated marketer, an in-fashion growth hacker, or a product champion, you cannot ignore the booming interest in neuromarketing.

I am talking about real science with fMRI and statistically significant results.

Analytics tell you about what your customers are doing. Your hands are full of data. Now you need inspiration.

What can you do to leverage your precious data?

In Brainfluence, Richard Dooley shares 100 ideas that you can experiment in order to design better brand experience. This will deliver happiness to your customers and maximise ROI.

Brainfluence will guide you into the consumer brain, as you read about interesting stories like the Million-Dollar Pickle. One of my faves is #50: The 6 Selling Secrets of Magicians.

Get your hands on Brainfluence. Great food for thought. All backed with scientific research. This book invites you to take your first step into neuromarketing.

Take it. The only risk is that you will take many more.


Thanks to Patricia de Lara for reading drafts of this.