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Where are you going? Making professional and personal choices is tough. What can help you make the right decisions?

That’s what Patricia and Guerric are digging into with Above The Trend: Leveraging marketing strategy to develop your personal growth decisions.

Receive twice-a-month analysis of the latest trends as a guide to outlast fleeting trends and sift out what makes strategic decisions in life and business, with results that don’t fade.

BoostCompanies Above The Trend shows you how, by delivering and analyzing the best resources on leadership and sustainable business practice.

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Above The Trend Archive

Guerric de Ternay

Guerric wears awesome T-shirts and is involved in helping technology and eCommerce companies design and implement their growth strategy.

Patricia de Lara

Patricia has a good taste for spotting new trends and ate kale before it was cool. She is a strategist and explores innovation in personal growth as well as healthcare.