“Productivity” Is Not the Answer You’re Looking for

It’s virtually possible to track every minute of your work life. And therefore, you can identify precisely what you should focus on to improve your productivity.

But is it necessary?

Productivity has been known as the rate at which a factory produces good. Applied to your job, productivity is the rate at which you get things done.

Getting things done is part of anyone’s job. But productivity should not be the way of measuring your performance. Do you judge your team’s work based on how tired they are or how great the result is?

Efficient or effective?

Design Thinking: The Best Designers Happily Use Their Products


“Those who design the product are not the consumers who use them,” a seasoned lab technician justly complained to me, showing me countless examples of poor design, on one of my current Alcimed missions with an objective to reverse this problem.

The best designers engage with their end-users and happily use their own products.

Engage and empathize with others, who face the problem, as well as those who have overcome them.

Once again, we can apply these lessons to our entire lives, as Guerric describes at the end of today’s post, inspired by Designing Your Life.

How to Get Your Dream Job After an MBA or MSc

From day 1 at business school, you’re already thinking about the future.

You’ve not even settled down, and you’re already looking forward to getting a dream job in a kick-ass company.

Let’s see how you can get this done, the right way.

What the Hell Is Happening to the Job Market?

As a business school student, you’re ambitious and have high expectations for yourself. Right? So you want to prove that you can get the job you want.

Here’s the thing:

The job market is saturated and the process of finding a job has become chaotic.

Disruption in the Robot Industry: How Innovation Changes an Industry

Imagine industrial robots in an automotive assembly line. Everything is smooth, fast, and efficient…

Think about Tesla’s Factory, for example.

Industrial robots in Tesla factory

What you now have in mind does not happen in most small and medium manufacturing enterprises (SMEs).

SMEs don’t compete with the same weapons.

Larger firms benefit from economies of scale and can afford different weapons. I like to describe the situation as bow and arrow vs. rifles and full-metal jacket bullets.

Robotic arms are paradoxically too sophisticated compared to what most SMEs need. As greater performance means higher price, SMEs cannot afford these robots.

The 10 Laws of Investor Pitch: How to Raise Seed Money from Investors

Pitching investors is one of the most challenging things in being an entrepreneur.

Actually, it’s not…

You might think it is, if (1) your company is not prepared to raise money or (2) you are not prepared enough to pitch investors.

Let’s focus on #2, the investor pitch. [1]

Here’s a good news: You don’t need to be an amazing public speaker to impress investors. If you follow the advice from this article, you’ll get a real advantage.

But… you also need to practice as much as you can. Knowing is nice. Taking action is what makes a difference.

Being “Data-Driven” Isn’t Compatible with Being Innovative

Data is a drug for the decision makers of the 21st century.

“We’re a data-driven company”, they tell you proudly.

But a company, which seeks change and wants to make a difference by challenging the status quo, doesn’t make strategic decisions that are driven by data.

A long-term, game-changing strategy can’t be based on reports and predictive data. They won’t tell you what to do next and how to do it.

Worse, when data is a click-away, your competitors are likely to make similar decisions, since they look at the same data sets.

Lists: The Ultimate Search Tools

If the web only had 100 websites, the ultimate Google would be a list of these websites. If it had 4,000 websites, we would use a list of lists—a directory.

Search has always been about lists:

Listing is how we’ve organised dictionaries, yellow pages, encyclopaedias… Even the 17th-century French version of Facebook was a list of lists.

Today some of the most visited websites are mere lists. Craigslist still dominates the classified ads category and Drudge Report remains one of the most influential news aggregation websites.

Data Analysis: Do They Even Know What They’re Talking About?


Being ‘Data-Driven’ Isn’t Compatible with Being Innovative gave me fuel for this post, written for you.

Here are some good reminders about data sets, analysis, and application. Consider them when being “data-driven”. Keep it in mind when listening to others claiming to be “data-driven”. And apply it to your critical thinking and general life decision-making!

Know What You’re Getting Into, and Stick to Your Objective

“Maximizing big data’s strengths starts with recognizing its limitations. This begins with understanding what information is being gathered. Is it complete? Can it be analyzed? Is it representative? And – most importantly – is it actionable?”

19 Things to Keep in Mind Before Speaking in Public

Knowing how to deliver a great speech is an essential skill for a leader. Martin Luther King Jr., Steve Jobs, Barack Obama… We remember them for how they spoke in public.

But what we see is the result of years of practice. They weren’t born “public speakers”. They spoke to a few friends, then to a larger audience, and progressively to the world—spreading their stories step by step.

Here’s a helpful checklist to keep in mind before and when you speak in public:

When Marketers Are DJs: The Power of Empathy

There are three types of DJs.

(1) Those who play what they like without considering how others feel.

(2) Those who try to play what they think the people in the club want to hear.

(3) Those who know their audience and focus on playing what these people want to hear when they dance.

If you look at the dance floor, you’ll figure out what type of DJ is performing.

This is the result of empathy…

Empathy means connecting with people. It’s your ability to understand what causes them to do what they do. Can you understand why one song makes them dance and why another one might be as good?